Summer 2017
By <(^^<), Aug. 20, 2017

After a busy year, here we are in the Xanthous Cave to enjoy summer together, an ideal occasion to give some news about IdRe. Xanthorg released our first physical release, the cassette of his first full length From Sadness to Peace!

From Sadness to Peace

In the next months, you should expect releases from Hero, Siegmeyer, Wapi, Turbosmims and possibly others. Keep in touch!

Summer 2016
By (>^^)>, July 1, 2016

Summer is here! You probably wonder what to play at your festival camping on your Bluetooth speaker: rejoice, the new Turbosmims is there! It has a cute cover by Ezfhpma and is now correctly mixed! ;D

Xanthome has also been working on his new project Xanthorg and a cassette will be available later this summer. Let's hope that means further physical releases in the future!

By Idre, Feb. 2, 2016

We are now equipped with a news system to keep you up with our various shenanigans.

Beside creating more music this year, we will try to add a video section and maybe organise more the way our projects and releases are presented, but we still have to discuss a bit about that.